Way Huge Red Llama MkIII

The original Way Huge Red Llama was the first pedal released by the Californian company in 1992, a mid-gain, crunchy, Tweed-style drive that found a solid fan base after it ended up becoming Tom Petty’s go-to overdrive.

After being discontinued for more than a decade, the company resurrected it in 2012 (for its 20th anniversary) with an added tone control (see videos of it here).

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of this now iconic pedal, with a MkIII reissue that scales down the size to fit in the company’s “Smalls” series, without losing any of the original Tweed-style touch sensitivity – but doing without the tone control of MkII.

Here’s the launch video of MkIII – we added it to our article about the best Tweed-style pedals.

Way Huge Red Llama, Builder’s Notes

The Way Huge WM23 Red Llama MkIII Smalls is a sonic re-creation of an early-’90s RL2 Red Llama — Way Huge’s first production model.

The Red Llama MkIII Smalls conjures all the sonic goodness of the original stompbox, churning out crunchy, tweed-style harmonic overdrive that’s guaranteed to please. Whether you’re aiming for subtle grit or brutal crunch, the Red Llama MkIII Smalls will oblige, with all the touch sensitivity and camelid-fueled mojo you can handle. For reference, the original Red Llama is what fueled Tom Petty’s electric guitar sound during the later stages of his career.

The Red Llama MkIII Smalls delivers that same familiar sound, but it packs it into a pint-sized enclosure that will fit on all but the most crowded of pedalboards. The iconic Red Llama can be found in countless Sweetwater guitarists’ rigs. And now, thanks to the Red Llama MkIII Smalls, you can add it to yours.

Way Huge Red Llama MkIII Smalls Overdrive Pedal Features:
– A sonic re-creation of an early-’90s RL2 Red Llama
– Churns out crunchy, tweed-style harmonic overdrive
– Yields everything from subtle grit to brutal crunch
– Exhibits ear-grabbing character and outstanding touch sensitivity
– Pedalboard-friendly enclosure

Way Huge Red Llama MkII (with Tone Control)

The version below is the older version of the Red Llama, with a larger case and an added Tone control.