Colfax Recorders Porcelain Fuzz

Colfax Recorders appears to be originally a California-based one-man musical project that recently ventured into manufacturing pedals with the release of three dirt boxes. The Porcelain is the fuzz in the bunch.

Not directly inspired to any existing circuits, the Porcelain is a fuzz of the gnarly and dirty variety with a versatile Tone knob that can boost or scoop your mids.

Its high impedance input makes it behave nicely with any signal you pass through it.

Check out the first video of it!

Colfax Recorders Porcelain Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The Porcelain Fuzz can be your dirty, squishy fuzz that is ready to find a home anywhere in your signal chain. The “Tone” can boost or scoop the bite of the fuzz to sit wherever you want it in the mix, and the “Fuzz” cranked can get you a gnarly, psychedelic fuzz sound that cleans up nicely with your guitars volume knob. The Porcelain Fuzz also has a nice high input impedance ready to take in any kind of signal you give it!