Wampler Terraform

Wampler shared the first new of the Terraform at NAMM 2019 (and came to our booth to shoot a video as well, see below). It took almost a whole year to see this multi-mode, stereo, digital modulation pedal, with tap tempo and presets ready for release. (To be fair, the stompbox also includes some non-modulation effects like Auto-Swell and Envelope Filter).

The pedal represents quite a departure from Wampler classic, compact, analog stompboxes, featuring instead a digital, multi-mode approach similar to what companies like Strymon, Source Audio and BOSS have been successfully introducing.

The Terraform features 11 custom-designed modulation effects, presets, midi control, expression pedal, and advanced routing.
The list of effect includes:

  1. Dimension ( a special kind of chorus probably inspired by some BOSS pedals)
  2. Chorus
  3. Harmonic Tremolo
  4. Tremolo
  5. Auto-Swell
  6. Rotary
  7. U Vibe
  8. Phaser
  9. Flanger
  10. Envelope Filter
  11. Auto-Wah

Advanced stereo routing with Pre/Post options, together with Midi compatibility and Expression input, allows for flexibility in the rig integration department.

The five knobs give instant access to the most common controls.

Here come the (many) videos!


Wampler Terraform


11 custom designed effects blocks, from Flanger to Phaser, Chorus to U-Vibe, Harmonic Tremolo to Envelope Filter, you know everything about it is going to be perfect. In one incredibly small package, you can control any of the 8 presets via midi, you can assign an expression pedal to control ANY of the main five controls, you can run it in full glorious stereo or keep it in mono… you can even split that mono signal to route some effects to go before your drive pedals, or amp gain, and have the rest follow behind or in your effects loop! When you put the Terraform into your rig, you know that not only will you get that legendary Wampler tone, but you will get the most easy to use, hugely versatile and best sounding collection of modulations you could ever want!

Each of the 11 effect blocks have been designed and realized in-house by the tone chasing freaks at Wampler. Each one has been inspired by many individual stomps, both modern and vintage, to bring you the best version of them all!


There are 8 presets to store your favorite sounds… you can recall them via the fully mappable midi, via the button on the front and even from the stomps! The expression pedal can control ANY of the 5 controls and you can even set the heel and toe point!


If you want true Stereo, you got it… You want basic mono, you got it.. You can even split that mono signal so you can put some effects in front of your drive section and the others behind, or going into the front of your amp with the rest in the effects loop. However you like to route your signal, the Terraform has you covered.


Brian Wampler’s attention to detail and commitment to bringing you the best-sounding & most usable Effects Boxes on the market is nothing new. Those qualities are on full display within the Terraform. We’re all tone-freaks, and we’re always trying new things, but we hope this pedal finds it’s forever home on your pedalboard, so we built it to last that long.