VS Audio Jangle Master

The VS Audio JangleMaster is the Greek company’s take on the Vox AC-30-style amp-in-a-box, with an added boost circuit that can sound either like a clean boost or a Rangemaster Treble booster, hence replicating a pedal/amps combo that was all the rage in the rock and pop of the ’60s.

The Cut control (on the yellow boost side) functions as a high-cut knob. Also, it affects the dynamic response and high frequencies of the pedal.

The AC-30 side of the device (in purple) sports a 3-band EQ featuring Bass, Cut, Treble knobs, allowing for significant tone sculpting.

Placing the Sparkle further down your pedal chain will confer that unmistakable, jangly AC-30 character to your tone, with a saturation range going from sparkly clean to fully cranked.

We added the VS Audio SparkeMaster to our article about the best Vox-style pedals.