Lang Amps Overdrive Boost

The Lang Amps Overdrive/Boost is the debut stompbox by the Las Vegas-based amp builder and sports an original circuit based on a novel approach to clipping.

While four (Level, Tone, Drive and Boost) out of the 6 knobs on the pedal do what’s expected in any overdrive with an extra boost, the two “- CLIP +” knobs control the character of the two clipping stages in a continuous fashion, where other pedals only provide toggle switches to trigger different clipping options.

This allows adjusting of saturation’s clipping, dynamics, and even and odd harmonics separately from the drive and gain controls, opening up a ton of sonic possibilities, and making this pedal a useful and flexible tool for tone chasers, able to act as a boost, overdrive, and even distortion at high gain settings.

Needless to say, the separate Boost footswitch (linked to the Boost knob) is extremely useful in live situations to push your guitar to the next level during solar or louder parts.

Check out the videos below.

Lang Amps Overdrive/Boost, Builder’s Notes


Other pedals have circuits that can change diodes and clipping circuitry, but only the Lang OD can continuously adjust from clipping at the power rails to the zero crossing for each half of the signal.

The Lang OD pedal can be adjusted for symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping at any level, from the voltage power rails to the signal’s zero crossing point.

This allows the guitarist to adjust the dynamics and the even and odd harmonics separately from the drive/ gain control.