The NUX Plexi Crunch is a very affordable take on the Plexi-style distortion pedal – and to be honest, it looks a lot like the well-regarded Marvel Drive by Ramble FX.

With two gain knobs (Master and Preamp) plus Tone and Presence controls, this is a straightforward pedal that will be judged by its tone – you can hear it in the videos below. We added it to our article about the best Plexi-style pedals.




The Nux PLEXI CRUNCH pedal from the Reissue Series offers you high gain distortion tone with the character of the famous hot-rodded British valve amps from the golden age of Rock.


  • Classic British High Gain Tone
  • Analog Circuit with 3 Gain Stages
  • FETs Simulate the Characteristic Distortion of Tube Amplifiers
  • Active TONE Circuitry
  • True-bypass Hardware Switching