Vntage Tone Vibe Of Dreams

The Vntage Tone Vibe Of Dreams is a streamlined uni-vibe clone that with four controls (Level, Depth, Rate and Voice) can deliver a wide range of juicy vibe tones.

Like with any other vibe-style pedal, the devil is in the tone and in the price – but also in the looks. The price is a rather affordable a $150, and the look is super cool, with backlit knobs and knob names!

As far as the tone is concerned, we’ll defer to the videos below.

We added the Vntage Tone Vibe Of Dreams to our articles about the best Uni-Vibe clones and evolutions.

Vntage Tone Vibe Of Dreams, Builder’s Notes

Exotic and dynamic, our Vibe of Dreams can create musical ambiance that will allow you to move the emotions of the listener.