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VL Effects is a Paris (FR) based manufacturer of guitar pedals founded in 1982 by electronic engineer Vincent Loret. His “shop” offers  a range of super high quality pedals from stock ones to fully customized and “personalized” effects and pedalboards.

Rather than putting out new pedals every year, the company has been mostly working on reissues, updates and variations of 3 basic models, all debuted in the early to mid 80’s: the Bullit Booster, the Bullit Overdrive and the Bullit Fuzz – plus a few “side projects like a Wah and a power box. Each model, built using quality and often vintage component, features several versions ranging from “regular” to “vingate,” “big block,” “fat” etc.

The latest addition to the family is the Bullitt Overdrive Od-oNe, which comes in two models: the Od-oNe Regular and the Od-oNe Vintage. This is a modern, very natural sounding overdrive with some interesting features.

Check out this great video courtesy of by Colin Smith and come to Main Drag Music on October 19-20 to test it in person at our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit!