There was buzz building on the internet about the new MOOG stompboxes weeks before the Asheville manufacturer announced them. This new line consists of 5 analog pedal effects called Minifoogers: The MF Drive, MF Delay, MF Trem, MF Boost, and MF Ring.

Assembled by hand at the Moog factory in downtown Ashville, NC, the Minifoogers are a big step into the market of the more streamlined stompboxes for a manufacturer that used to focus mostly on deep, complex “mastodon” effects, featureing tons of options and knobs but a little intimidating. If these boxes will be able to keep up with MOOG’s legendary reputation, they could do really well, even at a price approaching $200 each.

We are hoping to get a couple for review, but if you live in the NYC area you’ll be able to try them directly with your guitar at our upcoming Stompbox Exhibit at Main Drag Music on October 19-20.

In the meantime check out this video where The Queen of the Stone Age guitarist, Troy Van Leeuwen, explores the fundamental capabilities of all 5 Minifooger Analog Effects Pedals.