In the early 1960’s an Italian electrical engineer by the name of Mario Ferro started making and selling guitars under the moniker “Steelphon” out of a little shop in Turin. […] Sound-wise, this is an just an awesome box, but there is a bit of difference between its two versions. The SFT version is a much angrier, louder and an all around more fuzzy fuzz. It sits somewhere in the Elka Dizzytone / Burns Buzzaround camp, but with some added grit. The AC version is lower gain, more gated, and bit fatter on the low end.- Read the entire article on Gearphoria.

The company Steelphon didn’t have much success with pedals, but their S900 synth is somewhat legendary.

Check out the complete collection of YouTube videos about the Steelphon ‘Pep’ Fuzz, below.