The Summer School Pep Rally Fuzz is a simple three-knob fuzz by a small company that gave us the Science Fair, one of the most buzzworthy pedals of 2022.

A louder and “meaner” development of a limited fuzz pedal released by the company also in 2022 (the Stone Thrower) the Pep Rally is actually as simple as it appears: controls for Volume, Fuzz, and Tone (Tilt EQ-style).

Designed to be the ideal first fuzz with a classic, ’60s-inspired tone, but also able to get a lot nastier at higher fuzz settings, it’s based on a classic two (Silicon) transistor fuzz circuit capable of delivering a wide range of tones.

Here’s how it sounds.

Summer School Pep Rally Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

Pep Rally Fuzz is a grown-up version of last year’s limited release, the Stone Thrower. Louder, meaner and offering more tonal options, the Pep Rally is ideal first fuzz, or a necessity for the fuzz aficionado.

The Pep Rally takes the classic 2-transistor fuzz topology and gives it a louder voice and wider range of character. With silicon transistors, a tilt EQ, and an added boost stage at the end of the circuit, the Pep Rally can do 60’s fuzz tones, clean up beautifully when the guitar volume is rolled down, or provide sonic destruction when the fuzz in maxed, with plenty of volume to spare.