VFE Pedals has been a little quiet as of late, maybe because they were working on something truly special and kinda complicated… And as a matter of fact, the company recently unveiled an ambitious project called the Klein Bottle. The pedal can be preordered, but it won’t ship until the Summer of 2018.

The Klein Bottle was designed for the noise makers, soundscape artists, endless tinkerers and tone wizards. This epic pedal starts by splitting the input signal into three FX loops. Each FX loop has dedicated controls for pre-gain, HPF/LPF (bandwidth filters), and main mix level. This allows you to send different parts of the signal to different effects, and blend them all back together to create new tones out of your existing pedals.

The magic happens when you use the independent feedback controls to send the signal from one FX loop into another…and then back again! Keep your existing tone intact with the DRY knob, while layering a cornucopia of sonic goodness on top. – More info here.

Knobs unveiled a demo of it, check it out!