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I’m super into synths and the modular synth culture. I’m going to start slowly introducing synths and noise makers of all sorts into the blog. I feel that modular synths and noise maker boxes are extremely fun and collectible, much like guitar pedals, so here is my first bit of noise making device news. This noise synth box comes to us from the folks at Audible Disease; its called the Infection IN-3 and is described as a wild joystick controlled two oscillator synthesizer guaranteed to please any noise head. You can process the synth sound even further with the other knobs giving you a virtual cornucopia of noise making pleasure center. I highly suggest checking out this video demo.

Dwarfcraft PitchGrinderAnother addition on the eclectic front is the Pitch Grinder by Dwarfcraft Devices. Labeled as a sequenced pitch shifter, this pedal crunches the guitar signal down to 8 bits and then allows you to sequence the pitches in 8 steps. There are controls for the pitch intervals of the 8 steps as well as a tap tempo, glide and engage. This thing turns your guitar into am 8-bit sequenced synth. Rad! – Gus Green and PDG