The Chinese mini pedal line Mooer – distributed in the US by  Osiamo – could be seen on several different booths at NAMM, confirming how this emerging, prolific manufacturer is gaining momentum.

Mooer introduced 12 new pedals for the start of 2013: the ABY (channel switch), Acoustikar (acoustic simulator), Blues Mood (classic blues overdrive), Fog (bass fuzz), Funky Monkey (auto wah), Graphic B (5 band bass EQ), Graphic G (5 band guitar EQ), Gray Faze (vintage fuzz), LoFi Machine (decimator effect), Repeater (digital delay), Rumble Drive (overdrive), and Solo (distortion).

The Mooer micro line now features 36 pedals. All Mooer micro pedals feature compact size (less than 1/2 the size of a standard pedal), true bypass switching and many utilize rare or difficult to source chips that replicate classic effect pedals sounds. Most Mooer Micro pedals have a suggested retail of $99 (MAP $88).

The compact size, light weight, quality sound and low price make these pedals look extremely inticing. I especially like the looks of the LoFi Machine, Grey Faze, and Fog. – Gus Green