Have you ever wanted to run vocals through your guitars pedals, just to see what kind of sonic madness can be obtained? The Effect Integrator from Tribute Audio Designs (a company that participated in our latest Summer NAMM Stompbox Exhibit) might be just what you’re looking for. This unique device allows regular stompboxes to be used as vocal effects without needing to worry about DI boxes, impedance issues, adapters, or anything else.

There is a preamp in the first section of the Integrator that converts the impedance of the microphone signal to instrument level capable of running guitar pedals. The ‘Mix’ knob is a dry/wet control that allows perfect tailoring of the blend level of the signals.

‘In’ and ‘Out’ gain knobs are also present. ‘Input’ controls the mic level before the preamp, the ‘Output’ controls the level post-effect. The ‘Tails’ control is truly unique, allowing the effects loop to continue playing back even after the effect has been turned off. Rounding out this very innovative product is extremely solid construction: all-metal enclosure, Neutrik jacks, 2.1mm DC power jack (standard)/9v battery operation.

Most importantly though, the switch activates the effects loop, so that vocalists can turn on/off the effects when needed in a live situation.

While there are many products designed to adapt guitar pedals into the vocal chain, few do it as seamlessly as the Effect Integrator.

Check out the other pedals by Tribute Audio here. – Brandon Stoner