Thermion Stone Age

With the Stone Ages, Spanish amp and pedal builder Thermion is going for an ambitious attempt at creating a fuzz that can do it (almost) all, thanks to its four voicings, octave and clean footswitches, and generous sculpting options – the octave and clean channels can actually be fine-tuned through dedicated knobs.

The four fuzz flavors are Single Transistor, Maestro, Face and Thermion.

The EQ section features High and Low Cut knobs applying a high Q shelving filter to adapt your tone to any amps. A toggle switch allows you to bypass it.

Combining the four fuzz modes with the Octave and Clean options can conjure up a wide variety of tones from the classic to the “cloney” to the unusual. Fuzz lovers are bound to find a lot of interesting tones in the Thermion Stone Age.

Hear it in action in the videos below. We added the Thermion Stone Age to our articles about the best unusual fuzz pedals.

Thermion Stone Age Multi-Mode Fuzz

Explore the fuzz world and build a unique tonal foundation. Stone Age is a multi-engine fuzz pedal capable of creating from classic and renowned to modern and experimental fuzz tones.

Choose between four engines: Single Transistor, Maestro, Face and a modern Muff ‘Thermion’ modified with improved dynamics and definition.

Add on demand clean signal or octaved fuzz to create the fuzz tones you’ve always had in your head.

Effectively cut any excess high or low frequencies to adapt your tones to virtually any amp, with its high Q two band equalizer that you can also bypass, to get the most classic feeling.

Maximize the dynamics with the volume and tone of your guitar with the improved input and output buffers.

Designed to be versatile and modifiable, while staying true to the most genuine fuzz tone, Stone Age is transistor based, with relay switching and true bypass for those guitarists who love pure fuzz tones and flexibility.

• Four fuzz engines: Single Transistor, Maestro, Face and Thermion
• Footswitchable clean mix
• Footswitchable octave fuzz mix
• High Q high and low cut bypassable equalizer
• Gain and volume controls
• Input and output buffers for maximum dynamics
• True bypass

You’ll like it if you look for…
A versatile and exclusive fuzz pedal with unique tone. A fuzz capable of delivering from classic to modern tones. A complete tonal engine to explore the fuzz world and create experimental tones. A tool for both your live and studio sessions what you can easily tweak with footswitchable clean and octave mixes.