Amp and cab simulators in the shape of a pedal have been gaining momentum in the last decade, but we have never seen something quite like the Thermion Freeway, a tweaker’s dream stereo preamp/USB interface/headphones amp with FX Loop and a 6-mode reverb!

Looking like a Tech 21 SansAmp on steroids, the Freeway is perhaps the most flexible device for the actively touring, rehearsing and recording guitarist, since it facilitates all these activities and easily adapts to any situation: it can work as a simple preamp overdriving pedal, it can connect to your interface via USB, and it can simulate an amp+cab and connect directly to a mixer or play through your headphones.

It can’t power a cab though, that’s apparently¬† the only thing it can’t do!

The routing capabilities are particularly impressive, with separate stereo and XLR outs, and footswitchable, stereo FX loop and also an extra mono FX loop that bypasses the preamp.

The Reverb has its own footswitch too, and provides modes for Plate, two types of Room, three types of Hall, Reverse and Gated.

The various setting and options can be tweaked via 13 DIP switches.

The Thermion Freeway is an impressive analog device that can be extremely useful for any active electric guitarist. Check out how it sounds in the videos below.

Thermion Freeway’s Features

  • Analog Interface Amplifier
  • Pedal format
  • USB recording interface
  • Analog Speaker Modelling engine
  • Full analog internal preamp
  • Stereo effects loop
  • Preamp loop: Allows you to replace the internal preamp for an external one
  • Stereo reverb
  • 9V standard pedal powered