Hi-res-Fuzz-Stang-Mk-II[1]The ’70s were prime-time for deliciously dirty fuzz tones, and the Sam Ash Fuzz-Stainer – a pedal that harkens back to a time when the music retail giant was cranking out their own brand of effects – delivered delirious levels of fuzzy goodness. For most pedal connoisseurs and fuzz-lovers alike, however, the super-rare stompbox has been out of reach – until now, (kinda).

Take a listen to the Fuzz-Stang, a little stompbox with a beefy tone put out by Portland, OR’s WrightSounds. The effect is the first of its kind to reproduce the sound of the Sam Ash original, and features a two silicon transistor circuit within a sturdy, hand-wired steel body. The sputtery, chaotic nature of the pedal probably doesn’t make it the first choice for fuzz virgins, but for fuzz-philes chasing down a vintage tone, this may just be an intriguing fit. You can hear the Fuzz-Stang in-person through your own instrument at our inimitable, yearly Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit on September 10-11 – but in the meantime,check out to the demo below. – Olivia Sisinni