TEFI Vintage Lab Gegé

Tefi Vintage Lab is an Italian pedal of quality stompboxes with a knack for flexibility and adorned with super fun illustrations depicting intriguing characters.

Gegé is their take on the classic Germanium fuzz circuit, sporting two hand-picked Germanium transistors AC152, and delivers a dynamic fuzz sound with long sustain and unusually dynamic response.

Besides your standard Tone, Volume and Fuzz knobs, it features two toggle switches that give the players extra flavors of fuzz.

Natural/Broken Speaker – in the latter position, emulates the distortion coming out from broken loudspeakers, something that is sure to please garage rock players

Fuzzy/Fatty – in the latter position delivers an increase in the medium-low frequencies.

Check out this video of the TEFI Vintage Lab Gegé.

When someone ask us what is the effect that created the history of rock, we can only answer: the Fuzz! Is the oldest of distorting effects pedals, we can hear it in the songs of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath (to name but a few) and is still widely used by musicians of every musical genre. We present our version of Fuzz box made of two selected germanium transistors AC152, the only active components in the circuit, subjected to a careful selection to create the stamp that we have drawn in the mind and that only this old semiconductor can give. Founder of our fuzz is Uncle Gege, gruff and grumpy, able to go from innocent to angry mutterings schizophrenic screams. Gege has two presets:

  • Natural: the classic and “natural” Fuzz effect.
  • Broken Speaker: designed especially for those who make garage/beat, emulates the distortion coming out from broken loudspeakers.

In addition, a response control Fuzzy/Fatty: to obtain a marked increase in the medium-low frequencies, making the result more sonic and fat.


Designed specifically to obtain light and dynamic fuzz tones, with great sensitivity to picking, and indomitable distortion with long sustain. And ‘it presents an internal dip-switch, selectable at will, which has the function of regulating the behavior of the Gegè in the presence of large signals for maximum versatility with either Single coil and Humbucker guitars.