Tech21 PaulLanders PL1 FlyRig

For the unaware US readers, alternative rock in Germany is something else entirely. The European nation has a fascination for goth and darkness (not just in music, but in all art forms) and it’s home to the largest industrial rock scene in the world. East Berlin band Rammstein is the group that has been leading this wave since the mid ’90s through aggressive, often macabre music blending metal with electronica delivered through uber-theatrical (and seriously creepy!) live shows and videos.

Tech 21 recently announced a collaboration with Rammstein’s guitarist Paul Landers on a new Fly Rig, the NYC builder’s rugged, portable pedal strip series featuring multiple stages of gain, amp emulation and other effects. Paul is a big fan of the Tech21’s line and has been consistently using their products since the beginning of his career.

Sporting the de rigeur black case with illuminated red knobs (the colors of death and blood!) the PL1 offers a fixed chain with five footswitches controlling tap tempo/tuner, delay, dual-mode boost and two SansAmp channels (Tech 21’s signature amp emulations), Feuer (dirty) and Wasser (clean).

Other built-in effects include ambiance with adjustable size, vibrato, a three way EQ section and a compressor at the end of the chain.

Here’s a video with the legendary guitarist, it’s in German but there are subtitles!

Rammstein’s Paul Landers has been a long-time user of Tech 21 gear, first the SansAmp PSA and then
the SansAmp GT2. The SansAmps were an essential part of the guitar sound on all of their albums, and
particularly prominent in their worldwide smash “Du Hast.” While he liked the format of the Fly Rigs, Paul
was looking for a different feature set. Given Paul’s long-term relationship with Tech 21, it was a no-brainer
to collaborate on a Signature Fly Rig to fulfill his individual needs.

According to Paul, “With the PL1 I have everything I need in my pocket. No amp needed for the best
distortion sound I know of.”

The Paul Landers PL1 Signature Fly Rig offers 2 SansAmp channels, Feuer (dirty) and Wasser (clean).
Features include delay and custom-designed Vibrato effect with tap tempo control, Ambiance with choice
of size, and two modes of Boost. Other features include a chromatic tuner, headphone capability, and an
XLR output for direct recording and going direct to a P.A. There are illuminated controls to show active
status, studio-grade metal footswitches and jacks, and an included universal power supply. Enclosed
in a rugged, all-metal housing, the Fly Rig measures 12.5”l x 2.5”w x 1.25”h and weighs a mere 20.7