Tech 21 Screaming Blonde

Tech 21 is an NYC-based company that, after pioneering the amp-in-a-box-with-cab-simulation concept, more recently has been specializing in analog multi-FX “pedal bars” that provide a portable all-in-one solution for gigging guitarists (and bass players). The Tech 21 Screaming Blonde pedal is a device designed to provide a Fender-style amp-in-a-box tone plus a Tube Screamer circuit next to it.

THe two circuits can be used stacked on top of each other or in parallel through the Ch A/B switch.

The Blonde side
Part of the SansAmp Character Plus Series, The Screaming Blonde recycles the circuit of the company’s Blonde drive pedal to replicate, on Channel A, the sound of a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp, including the three-band EQ, as well as a volume control and a gain knob to adjust the level of overdrive.

The two Char A knob expands the sonic range of this circuit, delivering – depending on its setting – Black and Silver Face-style tones, Tweed-inspired flavors, and other sounds beyond the typical Fender palette.

The Screamer side
The TS (B) side of the pedal features a Tone knob, three gain/volume knobs and a Character knob.

The pedal features regular and balanced out – the latter to facilitate direct recording and featuring a cab simulation.

Tech 21 Screaming Blonde, Builder’s Notes

Character Plus Series
The original SansAmp?Character Series was introduced in 2008. These pedals commemorated a range of eras within specific amplifier personalities, of which there were 8 in total. By simply twisting a few knobs, you could build the most sought-after tones and hot rod your own. From rare vintage classics to roaring modern icons, every variation was delivered in their own distinctive voicings.

We wanted to broaden the range of tonal options and took that concept a step further to include additional building blocks. Because there’s a certain chemistry between specific pairings that will forever be a part of history. Think Ralph &?Alice. Fred &?Wilma. Lucy &?Ricky. Abbott &?Costello. Bonnie &?Clyde. They all made a lot of noise and they all had a lot of fun!

With an abundance of knob controls, the 2-channel Character Plus Series pedals are easy to use and feature our proprietary, 100% analog SansAmp technology. You can explore and tailor various eras within each amp style simply by turning a knob. Each continuously-variable Character control sweeps through an entire tonal range, spanning decades of sounds. The Character, EQ controls and speaker simulation are individually voiced to reflect the specific personality traits inherent in each amp style.

Additionally, each of these multi-function pedals is like having a stompbox within a stompbox. (BOGO?anyone?) You can use the amp emulation on its own or just the effect on its own.

The Character Plus Series pedals offer significant flexibility and value at a nominal price. Whether you’re frugal or extravagant, you can focus on the one that is your personal favorite or collect them all –and trade them with your friends!

The Character Plus Series celebrates the unique chemistry between specific historic amplifiers and specific historic pedals, and cleverly unites them together in single packages:

Screaming Blonde = Fender-style +?Tube Screamer-style
English Muffy = HiWatt-style + Big Muff-style
Fuzzy Brit = Marshall-style + Fuzz Face-style
Mop Top Liverpool = Vox-style + Rangemaster Booster-style


Screaming Blonde = Fender-style +?Tube Screamer-style

Range of Character Settings:
• Below 12 o’clock are in the Black and Silver Face family. When clean, there’s a soft midrange with a nice top-end sparkle. Driven, the tone moves to a warmer low-end breakup.
• Around 12 o’clock brings you into Blonde territory with more of everything –more lows, more mids and more highs.
• Above 12 o’clock moves things into the Tweed era with a pronounced midrange bark.
• Full up gives you lead boosted tones.

Independent Scream Section Features:
• OVERDRIVE to adjust the overall amount of drive. Highly interactive with the level of your guitar.
• TONE with specialized voicing for adjusting the high-end and mid-range.