TC Electronic Bucket Brigade Delay

Judging from the fanfare of the intro video below, one could think that (once) Danish company TC Electronic (now owned by the Scrooge of the music gear world) just invented the BBD chip – which is pretty much the only chip you’ll find in any analog delay pedal ever made. As you may have gathered, they did not. However, they did release a new pedal called “Bucket Brigade,” which is what the “BB” part in BBD stands for (“D” is for “Device”).

This is a rather standard mini analog delay with a modulation switch and four knobs for depth, volume, delay and feedback (the modulation’s speed can be controlled through a trim pot inside the case, not very practical to access as you can see from The Guitarist Geek’s video below (around minute 6;30).

The delay’s repetitions can go up to 600ms, while the modulation can deliver chorus or flanger effects.

The magic – as usual with products by Music Group – is almost exclusively in the pricing, which is $69.99.

Below, you’ll find the epic video presentation of the TC Electronic Bucket Brigade Analog Delay, plus a few extra videos made by volunteers (since TC is apparently too strapped for cash to commission paid videos to independent YouTubers).

We added this pedal to our shopping guide about analog delays!

TC Electronic Bucket Brigade Delay, Builder’s Notes

The Regiment of Repetition
You’ll find classic Bucket Brigade Device combatants inside this tough and compact master of repetition. We want it to have that distinct and genuine vintage vibe that only a true analog BBD-design can give you. When you want to hear your latest notes on repeat, BUCKET BRIGADE’s articulate delay line and warm-sounding reproductions are sure to put a huge grin on your face. Mission accomplished!

The Delay That Keeps on Giving
The Delay That Keeps on Giving
The delay length is key to any delay pedal, and in that regard BUCKET BRIGADE comes with a stamina that is on par with the buff Stallone of the ’80s! When you crank the Feedback knob to the max, you’ll arrive at no less than 600ms of delicious delay that just keeps on giving… giving… giving…

Winning the Battle on Warmth
Repeating is easy. But repeating with warmth, making the follow-ups strikingly classy and not least musical, requires a very particular skillset. BUCKET BRIGADE is born with that skillset, and treats the delay line to a carefully crafted series of filters in the feedback circuit, resulting in deliciously warm repeats.