The TC Electronic 2290 P is a modernized reissue of the the rackmount TC 2290 dynamic digital delay, which in the ’80s and ’90s left its pristine sonic mark in recording studios, live performances, and guitar rigs worldwide.

This authentic recreation features a captivating vintage design, complete with iconic digital displays and buttons, but it was improved upon the original with live performance in mind. Alongside these classic elements, it introduces a quick-dial knob, ensuring rapid parameter adjustments on the fly, and incorporates three footswitches tailored for performance that let you toggle between presets A and B, bank up and down, and set the unit’s tap tempo.

This was one of the first units to combine delay with modulation effects like chorus, flanger, tremolo, vibrato, and phaser, but also included panning, ducking and compression.

The 2290 pedal also includes an effects insert for seamless integration of external processors, tap tempo functionality (with subdivisions), and the capacity to store and recall up to 128 presets. As the cherry on top, this stompbox enables you to import, export, organize, and share presets through TC’s 2290 desktop application.

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TC Electronic 2290 P Digital Delay, Builder’s Notes

Classic Digital Delay in a Contemporary Setting
The original TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay set new standards when introduced in the 80s, and while often mounted in studio racks, it was also to be found in countless guitar rigs.

A key component of many guitar sounds is a string of tasteful delay, which is just one of the things 2290 P provides. It is a time-based effect generator that – apart from delay – also offers chorus, flanger, tremolo, vibrato, phaser, panning, ducking and compression.

And that is the essence of 2290 P: it is a faithful recreation of the original 2290, equally suited for adding delay to lead guitar tones and rhythmic patterns that can be used to build up powerful and inspirational walls of guitarscapes with or without additional modulation. In other words, 2290 P allows you to really dive in and carefully program it to meet all of your sonic ideas.

It simply evokes a distinct classic vibe from the past in a contemporary setting.

The Best and The Rest
We carefully recreated the original 2290, but we also added modern features, improved bits and pieces and expanded selected effect parameter ranges particularly with the guitar-playing experience in mind. For example, the guitar-friendly Feedback Loop for inserting additional effects to the wet signal and the option to use sub-divisions to control the Modulation block.

We also added a new dimension to the Tap-Tempo options, as the LEARN footswitch includes control per Preset (A&B), per Board (A+B) or globally. And on the MIDI control side, 2290 P digs deep and is ready to integrate with MIDI-based setups seamlessly – for example it offers four different ways to control your delay time.

Last but not least, we give you full control via the 2290 P app, and you can connect an expression pedal to control any effects parameter. In fact, not just any one parameter but any three parameters simultaneously.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what is under the hood of 2290 P!

Covering More Than One Base
2290 was known for its characteristic dynamic delay, but it also offered a host of modulation effects and comprehensive panning possibilities in a stereo setup. We ported all of this to 2290 P.

A key point in both cases is that you can control the delayed notes independently from the original sound. You can add modulation to the delayed notes within 2290 P, and in case you have an external pedal or effects unit that you want to use, it can be inserted in the Feedback Loop and will also only affect the delayed notes

On the panning side, you get three options: Your entire signal – including the original sound – will be affected, only the delayed notes pan between the left and right channels, or only the original signal is affected.3


  • A pedal reissue of the classic TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay rackmount processor
  • Replicates the original unit’s crystalline repeats, dynamic echo effects, and modulations
  • Eye-catching retro aesthetic includes classic digital displays and keys
  • Quick-dial knob enables you to edit parameters on the fly with lightning-quick speed
  • Includes tap tempo with subdivisions
  • 3 performance-ready footswitches toggle between presets A and B, bank up and down, and set the unit’s tap tempo
  • Effects insert for adding external processing to your delay repeats
  • Stores and recalls up to 128 presets
  • Import, export, organize, and share presets via TC’s 2290 desktop application