As you may have guessed from the color scheme and control layout, the Ghoib Elektronik Clang Invasion is a replica of the Harmonic Percolator, the clangy and noisy fuzz pedal brought to fame by Steven Albini, a producer specializing in noisy indie-rock.

The enclosure here is much smaller than the vintage original and includes the same control as the vintage unit: Balance and Harmonics. This device though uses Silicon transistors to squeeze more volume, dynamics and brightness out of the circuit.

Hear how it sounds in the video below. We added this pedal to our article about the best Harmonic Percolator Clones and Evolutions.

Ghoib Elektronik Clang Invasion, Builder’s Notes

The GHOIB ELEKTRONIK Clang Invasion is a righteous reproduction of the Harmonic Percolator, with a compact enclosure that really looks the part, including sliders for Balance (B) and Harmonics (H). Under the hood, the Clang Invasion features clever modifications that set it apart from the original. In an effort to increase volume, gain, and brightness, its circuit uses all silicon transistors. The result is an HP with tons of output and punch, and excellent dynamic range, which allows it to respond beautifully to guitar volume knob adjustments. Even with Harmonics at full blast, Clang Invasion gets clean, bright and chimey as you roll the guitar volume knob back.