Missing Link Audio Peacock

Classic rockers who are after the southern blues guitar sound of bands of the ’70s should check out the Peacock by Georgia-based Missing Link Audio, which also comes with an extra footswitchable boost in the Dual Drive version (pictured).

Based on a classic opamp circuit with premium mosfet clipping, this dynamic, touch-sensitive overdrive was designed to deliver smooth dynamic response and vintage coloration and was recently featured in the Best of 2021 video by In The Blues.

A three-way switch controls the treble cut-off slope of the tone knob. Tweaks and options are available upon request.

Hear the Missing Link Audio Peacock Drive for yourself in the videos below.

The search and quest for that famous Allman Brothers tone that could be played through any amplifier has just got better. Introducing the Peacock Dual Drive.

The Dual Drive gives you the added benefit of having an extra gain stage when you want a little more. Perfect for solo’s or added drive without having to stack extra pedals. Absolutely amazing.

We started our research first with members of the band and various roadies that had worked with the band over the years and went as far to interview sound recording engineers that were at the Fillmore East during those famous recordings.

* The Dual Drive’s tone and response is much closer to that of a real tube amp that has been cranked to 11. You can hear every picking note of your guitar. The response is amazing.

* This dynamic touch-sensitive overdrive is one of the most amazing pedals that has been introduced in many years. The tone of this pedal captures you by surprise. It has been described as featuring: “every element of that early 70’s legendary rock tone.” to “Fillmore East in a box!” it nails the Allman tone and it doesn’t stop there… It very much has all the elements of Dickeys tone, Toy Caldwell, Gibbons, Rossington, and many more of those legendary Southern Guitar heroes.

* Engineered for smooth dynamic response and vintage coloration. Completely sensitive to the volume and tone knobs of your guitar. The Voice control allows you to dial in more of a vintage speaker quality. Similar to an old JBL D-series.