A Boost + Delay + Modulated reverb (in that order), the Frost Giant Electronics Eidolon is a circuit that Dave Davidson of metal band Revocation had already released with Dunable (and in collaboration with Electronic Audio Experiments) back in 2020. It’s essentially a 3-in-1 pedal for guitar solos.

The Boost, featuring a separate knob but not a dedicated footswitch, sounds at parity gain at around 60% but can add up to 21dB of flat IC gain after that – perfect for solos and for driving your amp.

The new iteration by Frost Giant Electronics renames the size knob with a Color control that does the same thing, tweaking the length of the reverberation, which can from room-size to a near-infinite ambiance.

The delay can be controlled via Tap Tempo (via the left footswitch) and features up to 1 second of repeats.