Sunnaudio Rabbithead RH-1

The Sunnaudio Rabbithead RH-1 is an analog, transformerless Preamp/Dual Overdrive accepting both instrument and line in signal and providing an exhaustive array of controls to fine-tune your tone. It’s also a speaker simulator with two 1/4” outputs, one of which is a balanced speaker sim output.

The preamp section features knobs for Volume, Mix, Bass and Treble – they all do what you expect them to do. Interestingly, though, the Mix knob can be triggered through the Mix Mode footswitch. When this is on, the overdrives are bypassed and you only get the preamp tone. Disengaging the Mix Mode knob will send the signal through the selected overdrive.

The two overdrives are switchable (not stackable) through the right footswitch, and have their own separate gain knob. Drive B can be taken into distortion territory by activating the Rabid distortion mode.

The switchable Focus knob adjusts the sub-harmonic frequencies that are sent back into the clean signal through the Mix knob, adding bass or contour to your overdriven guitar sound. The Tone knob lets you further shape the mids of the driven signal.

Check out the tone created by this swiss army knife pedal in the videos below.

The all analog Rabbithead™ RH-1 is a versatile integrative preamp and overdrive that offers multiple tonal features for various instruments. The RH-1 brilliantly works for acoustic guitar with passive or active pickups, electric guitar, bass guitar, electric violin, and just about any other acoustic-electric instrument.

What you get is:

Multi instrument Preamp and Overdrive with Volume, Bass, Treble, two simultaneous 1/4” outputs which includes one balanced speaker sim output

Two switchable world class overdrives along with our Rabid™ grizzled distortion mode

“Focus”: which adjusts sub-harmonic frequencies to inject back into Clean from overdrive circuit, add to your bass signal, or contour your over driven guitar sound.

“Tone” for mid shaping the overdrives

Mix Mode + Drive A | B modes can be mixed or used independently for a variety of tones. The RH-1 can help get rid of unwanted direct pickup sounds from your acoustic instrument so it can sound more natural but still cut through live

Transformer-less, and quiet*

Speaker sim can still be used when pedal is bypassed

9 volt DC or battery powered

Video Demo: Direct recording interface with Rabbithead

*Higher gain overdrive settings can introduce some interference from certain pickups and situations.

Rabbithead shown in pics with Footswitch Cover option.