Friedman IR-X Dual Tube Preamp

Built by a US company that knows a thing or two about amplification, the Friedman IR-X is a guitar preamp that, thanks in part to the two high-voltage 12AX7 tubes embedded in its circuit, faithfully captures the harmonic richness and touch responsiveness associated with full-sized Friedman amplifiers.

Its two fully independent, footswitchable channels span a wide tonal range, from warm cleans to high-gain overdrive, and each channel is equipped with a Boost function to escalate your drive further. The 3-band EQs and voicing switches, available for each channel, provide ample sound-shaping options.

It can be connected to a power amp and cab or used as a power amp simulator and low-latency IR loader for direct setups, and also features a highly transparent effects loop, three multifunction footswitches, MIDI programmability, USB MIDI for seamless DAW integration, and an always welcome headphone output.

The two channels push different tones to widen the sonic palette, integrating each other perfectly:

  • Channel 1 offers a spectrum from pristine British-voiced chime to the gritty crunch reminiscent of a Plexi-style tone. A Bright switch adds top end sparkle.
  • Channel 2 delivers a high-gain sound brimming with impactful punch, precise note articulation, and extended sustain. A Tight switch tames the lower end for a more focused tone.

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Friedman IR-X Preamp, Builder’s Notes