Atomic Tone Saturation Triptych

The Atomic Tone Saturation Triptych is the debut, hand-made circuit by an emerging California-based builder, founded this very year 2023 AD. It can be described as a hybrid dirt box.

As hinted by the name (for the unaware, the word “triptych” means “trio”), this pedal offers three modes via the centrally located toggle switch, from top to bottom:

  1. distortion to full fuzz
  2. overdrive with fuzz blend
  3. boost to mild overdrive

The four knobs for Volume, Treble, Bass, and Saturation allow for a variety of tones from clean boost to amp-like saturation to wall of fuzz, making it a flexible tool useful for all musical genres where electric guitars have a role.

Custom case lovers will find plenty of colorful options on the builder’s website!

Atomic Tone Saturation Triptych, Builder’s Notes

The Saturation Triptych is your ultimate tool for elevating your guitar rig – this is far from your average pedal! Offering an amp like tone, very open or compressed, depending on how you set it, it’s designed to unlock a spectrum of tonal power for your electric guitar.

This meticulously hand-built, high-quality boost to overdrive to distortion to fuzz pedal is designed to give you many forms of tonal power. In short, it’s not a one-trick-pony.

We believe this pedal allows the best sonic attributes to your electric guitar, offering an unparalleled range of tonal possibilities that will ignite your creativity and make your guitar sing.

At the heart of the Triptych pedal are three toggle selections; boost to mild overdrive, overdrive with fuzz and distortion to full fuzz. All are carefully crafted to deliver distinct and unique tones. What it will give you, is a very amp-like tone. From the late 60’s to current day, whether you’re seeking tight and punchy riffs, creamy saturation, or to add some sag, this pedal has you covered. With the Triptych, finding your signature tone becomes a simple journey – only four knobs and a single switch.

But that’s not all—the Triptych pedal goes above and beyond with its versatile controls. The treble, bass, and saturation knobs offer more than the standard affect, providing filtering functions and an array of tonal sculpting options. From pristine clarity to gritty overdrive, distortion & fuzz, this pedal gives you the power to shape your sound from blues to sludge metal, and everything in between.

The Saturation Triptych Pedal also stacks seamlessly well with other pedals, and we believe is the secret weapon you’ve been searching for to take your guitar rig to the next level, this is not just another pedal!

Technical & Specs

The Saturation Triptych pedal is simple. It operates on a 9V DC center-negative power supply and does not accept batteries. While we strongly recommend using an isolated power supply for optimal performance, it is not required.

Our soldering process is meticulous safeguarding components against any heat damage. All parts used are high grade; Alpha, Wima, Omite, Panisonic, Vishay, or equivalent. Furthermore, each pedal is wired for True Bypass, ensuring a pristine signal path, and built to last!

Note: the back-plate top right screw hole will have paint removed for plate to be grounded, not able to see with screw installed.

Controls: Volume, Saturation, Bass, Treble

* Footswitch toggles effect off /true bypass and on by LED.

* Volume +/- db.

* Bass knob cuts low frequencies, +/- filtering signal

* 3 position switch sets clipping mode

* Saturation knob adjusts overdrive or fuzz intensity

* Treble knob cuts high frequencies +/- filtering signal

*Jacks: 1/4? tip/ring Input & Output & 9v DC 2.1mm

Center Negative.

*Current Draw: 2.3mA

The pedal is compatible with voltages of 9V to 18V
The pedal is designed for 9V and not to exceed 9.5V.

Measurements made at 1kHz

Input Impedance Approx, 400k

Output impedance approx, 1k

Size: 122mm/4.8” x 66mm/2.6” x 39.5mm/1.56”

Weight Approx: 293g – 10.4oz.