You know how Italians are, right? Everything needs to be “BELLO,” because… who on earth wants to see things that are “BRUTTE”? (By the way, we are using full caps because Italians are notoriously loud, and truly yours, who in the  Mediterranean peninsula was born and raised, can certainly confirm that!).

Well, maybe it’s  this very obsession with beauty that makes Italians excel at the creation of stylish things… At NAMM 2017, Ravenna based Gurus Amps showcased a line of pedals called Cicognani Boutique Series, that’s nothing short of breathtaking. Paradoxically, these stompboxes don’t even have any art on them, but they are beautiful the same way a Ferrari is: they exude power, sturdiness and superior engineering.

Like most Italian pedal companies, Gurus offers a stompbox recreation of the legendary Binson Echorec, a legendary delay effect made in Italy from the late ’60s that was particularly loved by Pink Floyd – the Gurus’ version is called “EchoSex.”

But their most ambitions pedal is the Double Decker 1959, a three channel monster that aims at filling all your possible Marshall needs.

Check out the videos of each one of the Cicognani Boutique Series effects by clicking on the gallery’s pictures.