Since their introduction a few years ago, mini effect pedals have been the delight of the cheapo guitarists and the curse of boutique maniacs. But as it always happens, innovation’s constant improvement allows to pack more and more quality in ever smaller packages, and it feels like we have reached the point where mini-pedals can actually compete with their big brothers and sisters.

Japanese manufacturer One Control, already specializing in mini switchers and utility boxes, recently teamed up with Swedish pedal engineer Bjorn Juhl, who created very successful designs for Mad Professor and Bearfoot FX, in the effort to take the mini-pedal format to the next level.

The product of this collaboration is a line of mini-stompboxes called One Control BJF Series, consisting already of 20 effects, four of which were presented at the latest NAMM show (pictured above).

Here’s a gallery of their most popular pedals, with video demos one click away.

 Clicking on the images will open the pedal’s video demo.