Stone Deaf PDF-1X Limited Edition

An original design offering Parametric EQ, Clean Boost, Distortion and Fuzz, Stone Deaf FX’s PDF (Parametric Distortion Filter) is the most popular pedal of this British boutique builder, which is releasing a PDF-1X Limited Edition to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The 200 units come with custom graphics and signatures from Stone Deaf and illustrator McBess, while the circuit introduces a few intriguing updates, which will be permanent in an upcoming standard version for the pedal, these include:

  • volume booster,
  • quieter operation,
  • an additional 15dB of output,
  • includes the PDF-1 and PDF-2 set of features

The PDF-1X is a LTD edition hybrid pedal combining the attributes and features of the PDF-1 and the PDF-2. The addition of a volume control knob, lower noise floor and addition of an extra 15+ dB boost make this product the most versatile version of the PDF range we have made. It also has an adjustable gain circuit and studio-quality parametric EQ.,

Each of the 200 ltd edition versions of the pedal come with exclusive artwork and merchandise designed by Mcbess and each unit is signed by McBess and Luke Hilton of Stone Deaf. McBess is a world-renowned illustrator who has worked with amazing brands Converse, Nissan, London Underground and who also has his own fashion range at