Here at Delicious Audio we love collaborations, in particular if they are of the creative variety. Both Dwarfcraft Devices and Fuzzrocious Pedals have been churning out several pedals demonstrating how they love to think outside the box – although within the stompbox parameters! The two boutique manufacturers just released what we are going to refer to as a “split pedal” – because rather than a collaboration, it’s a combination of two of the manufacturers’ existing effects. Its name is the Afterlife of Pitch. Here’s the description directly from the DCD’s page:

On one side we have the Wizard of Pitch with a brand new glitch mod (not available anywhere else…yet) and on the other we have a Fuzzrocious Afterlife reverb with their crazy Oscillation switch.

Ben and Ryan (the two companies’ owners/designers) even created competing video demos – check them out!!