Soundslice FX Kobold

The Soundslice FX Kobold is a seriously gnarly delay + fuzz from a small boutique manufacturer based in Quebec. While the Delay can be added or entirely removed through the Delay knob, the fuzz, which has a clear ’70s sonic character, is always on and only features a Texture control that affects its harmonics content.

Check out the video, below.

The Kobold combines ripping 70’s style fuzz and warm delay tones in one box, a combination that lends itself to a variety of genres from stoner rock and heavy psych, to retro garage punk. Each side of The Kobold features a pair of dedicated controls – the fuzz side has knobs for Texture and Volume, while the delay side has Repeats and Delay. The Delay knob controls time, which ranges from short slapback echo to long and spacey repetitions. If you want just fuzz, simply roll back the repeats for echo-free fuzz assault. The real magic happens when both effects are combined, however. Experimenting with settings yields a universe of unique textures and tones, especially as the delay time and repeats are stretched out and fuzz is bumped up. The Kobold truly becomes an instrument unto itself, perfect for neverending psychedelic jams and unhinged sonic destruction, no matter the instrument.
DELAY-Controls the delay time.
REPEATS-Controls the amount of Repeats.
TEXTURE-Controls the harmonics and texture of the fuzz tone.
VOLUME-Controls the output of the pedal.
POWER REQUIREMENTS-9v DC center negative PSU. Soundslicefx pedals, for environmental reasons, do not use batteries and never will.