Soundslice FX This Is A Bad Idea

The Soundslice FX This Is A Bad Idea is a quirky-looking pedal sporting two separate fuzz circuits in one box with separate controls and footswitches. They can be played separately or stacked on top of each other, for beyond-gnarly tones. Hey, we just noticed that the graphics are inspired by some popular vintage cartoon characters!

Each channel has a slightly different voice with the right one (red knobs) employing a combo of Polish/Soviet transistors and the left one (blue knobs) an Hitachi/ Sanyo or Hitachi combo/pair. They each have the same controls: Volume, Gate, Squeeze, Drive, and Knife. Squeeze controls the attack and the body of the fuzz, while Knife and Gate add unpredictability and edge.

A variety of tones can be achieved through the interaction of the two channels and the various controls, including the ones on your guitar.

Have a listen to the demo below to get a better idea of what this beast can do.

Soundslice FX This Is A Bad Idea, Builder’s Notes

To be honest everything is in the title!
But I’ll elaborate a little.

The idea (Which is bad) was to have two f-factor circuits in one box.
So you could set one that’s manageable and another one that screams bloody murder!

I never thought that stacking them together would be so crazy interesting though!

After some careful planning I went for a big box (1590XX).
That leaves all the controls easily available and it also let me enough space to use top mounted jacks for the in/out and dc.

Inside you will find 2 germanium transistors for each side.
on the right (Red) a Polish/Soviet combo.
on the left (Blue) an Hitachi/ Sanyo or Hitachi combo/pair.

The two sides can be used individually (Good Idea) or together (Bad idea).
Remember that the red side is first. When using them together the blue volume as the final say.


VOL:??? Controls the output level.
GATE:? ?  Closes the door after the sustain or leave it open. Can be used to tune the feedback.
SQUEEZE:   Controls the attack and the fatness of the fuzz.
DRIVE:?     Drive control. Works counterclockwise. Also has influence on the feedback and thickness  ?????   of the fuzz.
KNIFE:          Normal fuzz fully closed. Fun starts as soon as you open it up!

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 9V DC Center Negative PSU.( Any other voltage will damage the pedal and void any possibilities of free repairs.) Soundslicefx pedals, for environmental reasons, don’t use batteries and never will.