EM II 4 large1

Canadian manufacturer SolidGoldFX dared to unveil its new Electroman Delay MKII just over a week after NAMM.

Now, that takes a certain dose of chutzpah, considering the stompbox nausea pedal lovers might experience¬†immediately after the Anaheim convention’s glut of new product announcements!

The confidence might stem from the fact that this pedal looks very impressive: it’s a very warm sounding echo with a 1000ms maximum delay and tons of features (like modulation with variable speed and effects loop), accessible through five knobs and four toggle switches.

The second switch is for the…

Warp feature,  which sends the repeats ramping up to self-oscillation for ambient textures and spatial soundscapes. But this time, you control the sensitivity with one of three settings on the warp toggle, from gentle nudging into infinity to instant freakouts.

Check out the video demos, and find more info here.

Here’s the first demo of this pedal, shot by Reverb.com.