SolidGoldFX Aurras Optical Vibraphase

The SolidGoldFX Aurras, presented as an “Optical Vibraphase,” represents a modern approach to the sound of the vintage Uni-Vibe with an innovative dual LFO setup.

The circuit consists of (quoting the builder) “a 2-stage asymmetric phase shifter built around a pair of selected and individually controlled opto-isolators.” This allows for a clearer and cleaner signal, minimizing distortion and LFO interference.

The dual LFO, controlled digitally, add extra sonic flexibility to the classic, lush, and (unmissable word in this context) “throbbing” Uni-Vibe tones.

The two footswitches deal not only with On/Off and Tap Tempo duties, but also with speed ramping: hold the Tap Tempo footswitch to ramp up your LFO speed to a double value, or ramp it down to half by holding down the Bypass Footswitch. The process can be repeated as many times as you’d like to achieve the desired speed.

We added the Aurras to our comprehensive article about the best Uni-Vibe pedals.