JayLeonardJ is very fond of this new distortion pedal called Airavata, the third device released by Nashville based company Siren Pedals – the other two are a compressor and a fuzz.

Besides the expected Volume and Distortion knobs, the circuit features a combination of peculiar controls that give the player access to a variety of tone, including ones bordering on fuzz or more subtle overdrive:

  • three clipping modes
  • Shape knob that makes the resulting tone smoother or more arasive
  • Filter knob to tame the high end

Check out the video and hear it for yourself.

Get your fight on with this three-headed beast.

This distortion pedal can do it all – from Cleanish-Grit all the way to a Fuzzy-Distortion. And, you’ll love the three modes of clipping voices.

It’s time to dial in your favorite tones from bands who have conquered the realms of distortion.

It’s versatile. It’s fun. It’s the Airavata.

Here’s what you get with this amazing pedal:

  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Amazing distortion options
  • A ton of grit and fuzz
  • True bypass
  • 9V battery and 9V power supply (sold separately)

Airavata can be your go-to distortion pedal for just about anything.