Seymour Duncan Polaron

Seymour Duncan just put out a multi-mode phaser pedal called Polaron that features a selectable number of stages, from two to 16. The signal path is fully analog but controlled digitally.

The pedal can work as a regular modulation pedal (with tap tempo footswitch controlling the cycle’s speed) or like an envelope-triggered effect.

Tune and Resonance knobs allow you to further tailor your phase shifter effects. The first one selects the cycle’s center frequency, while the second gives the phaser a more nasal sound through an EQ bump in the mids.

Here are the vids of the Seymour Duncan Polaron!

The soul of the Polaron is it’s adjustable 2- to 16-stage analog filter array, which provides an amazing range of phaser tones from subtle pulses to radical sweeps, with rotary, vocal, and flange-type sounds along the way. In addition to Depth and Rate controls, the Tune and Resonance knobs allow you to further tailor your phase shifter effects. This 100% analog signal path delivers beautiful, warm sound quality, but we didn’t stop there. The Polaron also features a totally separate digital processor to control LFO and envelop follower functions, for maximum flexibility plus the ability to save and store presets.

In LFO mode, the Polaron can be operated as a traditional phaser, manually adjusting the controls. You can also use the Tap Tempo function to sync the phasing to the groove. EngagingENV mode lets your pick attack govern how the Polaron reacts, for a dynamic, interactive phase experience. Auto wah, talkbox, and robot voices are all right there, along with more understated colors and textures.

When you discover a great sound in the Polaron (which you will again and again), it’s easy to save it as a preset that you can recall at any time. This feature allows you to experiment, explore, and create, safe in the knowledge that you won’t lose yesterday’s or today’s favorite envelope, depth, rate, and tune settings.