Servus! Pedale is another emerging German manufacturer – lately we stumbled upon a bunch of them! GLAM Programmable Distortion. Dennis Kayzer just posted this video of their GLAM Programmable Distortion, a dual stages gain pedal with analog path and digital controls which offers…

…a classic 70’s-early 80’s British amp-like distortion. With a very good dynamic response, [delivering anything] from a crunchy overdrive to a hard rock distortion.

The clean boost is placed after the gain stage and delivers 15dB of extra punch to your amp. Like all the other parameters on theĀ Glam, the boost section parameters (on/off and boost level) can be easily stored on one of the 6 available presets.

[…] You can assign the Gain and Level controls to the Expression Pedal/CV input. This option can be stored on a preset, and the next time you recall this preset you can control the parameter with an expression pedal or CV signal (0-5V).