best selling 4

A the end of each year, most of us enjoy reading “Best of” lists of all kinds – a habit that helps us simplify choices, in particular when faced with fields overcrowded with products (like the gain stompbox one!).

Guitar critics can say whatever they want about what new pedals they thought sounded best in the past twelve months, but, while ears are very subjective devices, numbers tell it like it really is: at the end of the day, any product is objectively successful only if it sells a lot.

A few weeks ago, published a chart of their Best Selling pedals of 2017, the article is a very interesting read.

We thought it would be interesting to break down the results in more digestible, “niche” charts.

In this post, we are focusing only on the gain pedals featured in the list of new pedals released in 2017 (i.e. the list in the center on this page, topped by the EHX Canyon).

Here’s the interactive gallery with the Best (selling) New Gain Pedals of 2017, at least according to, which sells a heck of a lot of pedals!

As usual, clicking on the thumbnails will open a demo video!