The Muff-aholics among you looking for ways to spend a hefty chunk of their Christmas bonus should check out the Rook Audio Hydra, a gorgeous-looking PTP Civil War Muff-style box that’s hand-made in the UK and sells for over $435 USD (£329.00) – plus shipping.

It features the three classic knobs for Gain, Volume and Tone, and two toggle switches delivering mid-boost and low cut.

Together with top-notch components, sound and circuitry, you also get a unique case, because the final finish may differ very slightly from one pedal to the next.

Mr. Brett Kingman digs it. We added this pedal to our articles about the best Big Muff-style fuzz pedals.

The Hydra is our take on the Civil War Big Muff Circuit. In addition to the usual controls it has a mid boost and low cut switch. The Hydra is hand wired with a hand etched enclosure.

Each pedal is hand finished and unique so the final finish may differ very slightly from the images shown.