R0011904XThe Rocktron company has long been one of the top designer of noise-suppression circuits, and for a good reason! They’re products are super quiet, don’t suck tone, and – plainly and simply – work! Building upon their already venerable legacy, Rocktron is now re-introducing a previous idea, but with a new twist.

The HUSH 2X offers two completely separate channels of their renowned “Hush” noise reduction in a singular small unit designed to sit nicely near the backline, in a rack drawer, or right on the floor in front of the player.

One of the most innovative features of the Hush 2X is in its creative routing capabilities. For example, you could use one channel of the Hush after your pedalboard and another into the input of your amp. You could also route the Hush to be used after a single pedal, to control noise in the effects loop, and so much more.

The HUSH 2X offers up to 65dB of noise-suppression to get rid of feedback, signal noise, and ancillary interference from things like stage lighting and bad venue power. The pedal also features true bypass switching and a rock solid design. If you are looking for a different type of setup to get rid of noise in your rig, the Hush 2X is definitely worth a look. – Brandon Stoner

The video below is a demo of the original HUSH pedal.