Many guitarists are familiar with MOD Kits DIY for their pedal kits, which allow stompbox geeks to build their first effects following the provided instructions, and at once learn about simple electrical engineering concepts applied to pedals. What they may not know, though, is that the manufacturer also offers a DIY kit to build your own tube amp, called the MOD 102 – recently updated to the MOD 102+. The new kit features an improved design based on its predecessor’s British-style Class A output section, with some great added features.

The amp sports a standard 3-position toggle switch and push-pull EQ knobs: pulling the bass control allows for a ‘mid boost;’ pulling the treble enables a ‘bright’ setting, while the volume knob triggers a ‘turbo’ feature (we guess a gain boost). Also new to the design is the use of a JJ ECC803-S tube, known for providing complex mid-range tones, the heart of any great guitar amplifier design. – Brandon Stoner

Check out the video below, a review of the old version MOD 102.