The Fault overdrive/distortion is the latest straightforward entry from Old Blood Noise Endeavors. OBNE started by taking commonplace effects and twisting them to do unusual things. Lately, though, they’ve been slowly building a toolkit they call their Utility Line: a few simple tools, like an EQ Buffer pedal, a headphone amp, and an AB/Y Switcher. While the Fault isn’t technically a part of the Utility Line, it is akin to it in both spirit and function, while at the same time managing to be a bit more fun. The Active EQ in the Fault was first developed for OBNE’s EQ Buffer, and is the heart of any latent weirdness it possesses. The Fault is essentially their active EQ in a mid-range drive, according to Brady Smith, the owner / founder / designer / part-time builder / generally overworked cult leader behind the small crew of artists and musicians who make up the OBNE crew. – Read the entire interview on Gearphoria Volume 5, Number 6.

Check out the Reverb.com video of the pedal below.