Believe it or not, this year Rage Against the Machine’s incendiary debut album is turning 25 years old (it came out in 1992!), and, as of today, it still ranks on the top of our list of records with the most original guitar sounds (OK, we’ll admit it’s not just about pedals, but still…).

It’s pretty remarkable how this incredible band hasn’t really originated a “wave” of similar sounding artists as lasting as the ones triggered by grunge or slacker rock, two other rock genres from the ’90s that are permeating our indie scenes a quarter of a century after their heyday.

This is probably due to the fact that Rage Against the Machine’s top notch instrumental skills are¬†almost impossible to match, and that Tom Morello’s style is so unique that it can’t really be reproduced without bells ringing…

And as far as Tom’s pedals are concerned, you might be disappointed… the dude has always had a very modest rig, here’s his set up from 1993, while this below was photographed in 2007 – not that different.

ratm board

None of these pedals need any intros, apart from maybe the DOD FX40B Equalizer (the guy between the MXR phaser and the BOSS delay).

There are a few of “How To Sound Like RATM” videos on YouTube, but also some videos of Tom himself sharing some tricks – we gathered them all below,¬†check them out!