Built by caring English hands, the Leyland Head Full is a creative lo-fi echo based on what’s probably the most inspiring chip for delays, the PT2399.

This device can create ethereal atmospheres, haunting soundscapes, and full-on walls of noise, but also more subtle analog-style delays replicating tape-style artifacts (aka wow & flutter plus some saturation), or simple slapbacks or clean repeats.

Speaking of saturation, there’s a Distortion knob that allows you to add as much as you want to the repeats, while the essential Mix control dials in the level of your clean signal.

The Delay section is controlled by the Time and Feedback knobs, while the Modulation features an on/off toggle and can be adjusted through the Depth and Speed knobs. The Tone knob allows to darken the repeats to taste.

The combination of all these effects allows for a wide palette of echo tones, with the added bonus of an Inf(inity) footswitch that sends the circuit into self-oscillation.

Check out the videos of the Head Full, we added this pedal to our article about the best delay pedals using a PT2399 chip.

Leyland Head Full, Builder’s Notes

Head Full is a “lofi” and analog style delay putting emphasis on ethereal atmospheres, haunting soundscapes, and full-on walls of noise. It goes about this with a warm, but not muffled analog sounding delay line including switchable, almost cassette style fluttery modulation (with depth and speed controls); blendable distortion; a powerful tone control, and self oscillation easily accessed with the momentary footswitch. This allows sounds to range from a simple, slapback delay to all out shoegazey, chorus-y, delay-into-fuzz-y barrages of sound. Everything inbetween is also included. Check out the demo below to see!

Can you recall the last dream you had? Maybe this will help you remember.



  • 1 x 1/4” High impedance input
  • 1 x 1/4” Low impedance output
  • 9-12V 2.1mm center-negative power jack (18V operation also available if you can deal with the modulation knob sweep changing)
  • True Bypass
  • >100ma current draw