Electro-Harmonix Intelligent Harmony Machine

NYC’s Electro-Harmonix has been a leader in the niche of additive synthesis (aka pitch shifting) since the release of their beloved POG pedal in 2005, and the release of the Intelligent Harmony Machine takes things one step further in the development of that technology.

This is a pedal that instantly creates a variety of harmonies based on the pedal’s settings. The latency issue that affected older pitch shifters is a distant memory – the pedal’s tracking of shredding guitar solos in the company’s launch demo sounds flawless.

There are Two modes:

Intelligent Harmony is monophonic (play only single notes) and works in conjunction with the Key settings, producing one- or two-part harmonies according to the scale and the interval preferences, set through the other rotary knob’s 11 main pitch-shifting variations + 6 extra ones (listed here), including 9 two-harmony modes.

Poly Override mode is polyphonic (which means that it can pitch shift more than one note at a time, including chords) and works just like the EHX POG or Pitchfork. In this mode, the Key setting is bypassed and the harmonization will be based exclusively on the intervals specified in the second rotary knob on the right.

A simple tuned-down setting produces a pretty remarkable baritone guitar sound, while settings comprising both up and down pitch-shifting can sound progressively spectacular when fed to a fuzz pedal or a distortion – and yes,

As if that wasn’t enough, the Maj/Min toggle will alter the interval of 4 main modes featuring 3rd or 2nd intervals.

The always crucial Mix knob allows you to precisely control the amount of your original signal, but a Dry Out allows for more refined routing options, while the Moment Mode (activated through a push button) lets you instantly change pitch by simply depressing the pedal’s footswitch.

Have a listen to the sounds of the Electro-Harmonix Intelligent Harmony Machine in the video below.

The EHX Intelligent Harmony Machine instantly creates matching harmonies to what you play. It’s like having one – or even two – guitarists jamming with you at the same time and always in perfect sync. The Intelligent Harmony Machine opens a door to the music of great multi-lead guitar bands and multi-part harmonized solos. Plus, its ability to apply harmonies ranging from simple to sophisticated will totally transform what you play. Of course, it also boasts EHX’s renowned impeccable tracking and genuine musical tone.

Select your key and the Intelligent Harmony Machines will generate single note, diatonic harmonies* with a huge range of choices that includes both two- and three-part harmonies. Here are your choices:

1 – 6th Down
2 – Perfect 4th Down
3 – 3rd Down
4 – 3rd Up
5 – Perfect 4th Up
6 – Perfect 5th Up
7 – 6th Up
8 – 7th Up
9 – 3rd Up + 7th Up
10 – 3rd Up + 7th Up
11 – Perfect 5th Up + Octave Up

These sound so cool that we’ve included them as extra options for the multi-harmony parts (selections 9, 10 and 11) to give you even more choices:

– 9 optional 4th Down + 3rd Up
– 10 optional 3rd Up + 6th Up
– 11 optional Octave Down + 5th Up
– 9 optional 6th Down + 4th Down
– 10 optional 3rd Down + 3rd Up
– 11 optional Octave Down + 4th Down

The Intelligent Harmony Machine also performs perfect polyphonic pitch shifts so the pitch shifts you dial up are applied to chords as well as single notes. We’ve even included a Major/Minor switch so you can select whether 2nds and 3rds will be major or minor. Here are the interval selections that are available:

1 Doubler
2 Perfect 4th Down
3 3rd Down (minor on major)
4 3rd Up (minor or major)
5 Perfect 4th Up
6 Perfect 5th Up
7 2nd Down (minor or major)
8 2nd Up (minor or major)
9 Octave Down
10 Octave Up
11 Perfect 5th Up + Octave Up

The Intelligent Harmony Machine’s Moment Mode lets you instantly change pitch by simply depressing the pedal’s footswitch. The pitch shift is engaged as long as you hold down the F/S. There’s also an option so you can apply a user-set sweep time between dry and effect. Choose instant pitch changes or control the time it takes for the Intelligent Harmony Machine to sweep up and down between the set interval and the dry signal!

EHX Founder, Mike Matthews said: “We designed the Intelligent Harmony Machine for the player who craves maximum power, but in a minimal footprint. You’ll dig its sweet, musical tone and spotless tracking!”

*Diatonic harmony means notes within a specific key that relate to each other.


• Compact harmony generating, pitch-shifting powerhouse
• Impeccable tracking and superb musical tone
• Two distinct modes: Intelligent Harmony and Polyphonic.
• Intelligent Harmony Mode generates diatonic harmonies in a set key based on the single notes you play. Key Selector and #/- switches • provide access to all 12 keys.
• In Polyphonic Override Mode you can play single notes and chords. The IHM’s 11-position Interval Selector switch lets you select the harmony.
• In Momentary Mode the effect is only active when the footswitch is depressed. Choose from instant shifts or set the time it takes the signal to sweep up and down.
• Mix control sets the mix between your dry and shifted signals. Dry output adds signal routing and control options and flexibility
• Comes equipped with an EHX 9 Volt power supply, can also run on 9 Volt battery