Alexander Pedals Forget Me Not

The Alexander Pedals Forget Me Not is the first pedal in a while released by the North Carolina-based brand that doesn’t feature LED display, which is one of the reasons why it’s presented as a “departure” of sorts. It’s a versatile multi-tap, tape-style stereo delay with features for both ambient textures and rhythmic delays, offering four delay taps with individual level controls, adjustable delay times (5ms-900ms), and other unique settings.

Based on an undisclosed rare rack delay, the Forget Me Not is a digital delay that emulates the artifacts of tape echo machines, offering other intriguing controls such as:

  • Degrade: controls echo fidelity (clean, gritty, trashy)
  • Spread: widens the stereo field
  • Spacing: adjusts the distance between delay taps

It also includes familiar controls:

  • Blend/Swell: wet/dry mix and feedback
  • Tone: signal color adjustment
  • Modulation: depth, rate, and wave controls for adding the effect reminiscent of the tape’s wow and flutter effect
  • Div: adjusts delay subdivisions based on tempo
  • Trails: sets delay behavior when bypassed (fade, cut, or continue)
  • Momentary Feedback Swell by holding the Tap footswitch

This pedal provides a wide range of sounds with user-friendly controls, all housed in an attractive design.

Notwithstanding the lack of a LED screen, the pedal still allows for 4 instant presets, WYSIWYG / live mode, and 32 total presets via MIDI.