RC Pedals Mr Eric (Early Years)

A tribute to the first Marshall Bluesbreaker Mark I (black box), the RC Pedals Mr Eric (Early Years) improves on the original design by sounding less thin at higher gain settings and less dark at lower ones.

The four knobs are for Gain, Volume, Treble and Bass Cut. The latter was added in this new V2 allows to dial in early vintage Bluesbraker tones and even overdrives reminiscent of the tube screamer.

A toggle switch delivers optional extra brightness than the original.

Here are the videos.

Open Sound with a Marshall touch

“The Ultimate early vintage BB”

Each unit is “tuned” by ear and different inside circuit from the rest.

Mr Eric ( Early Years ) is our tribute to the first Marshall Bluesbreaker Mark I (black box) versions wich are so appreciated these days . Analogman King of Tone also performs the same values in most of the components but we solved a couple of details in the original pedal that we found necessary : The gain and the bright range in the same potentiometer, the gain pot . Mr Eric also features real vintage diodes and chip (new old stock.)